Ipelegeng programme is formerly known as labour intensive public works programme (LG1107).Its objective is to provide relief whilst at same time carrying out essential development projects. The ministry of local government is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of Ipelegeng projects. Locally it is being administered at Serowe administrative Authority at metal works offices.

Who qualifies to be a beneficiary?

Any person who has been adversely affected by unfavorable economic conditions and who is willing to offer his/her labour services at the given working condition do. Selection of beneficiary are conducted with assistant of ward VDC and extension teams.

What are the requirements?

Requirements for the service is Age (18 yrs and above)ID as proof of citizenship and to be resident within the area VDC applied at.


Programme beneficiaries are paid as follows



Running cost (post office fee) P15.68 and outside Serowe P44.80 per beneficiary


On the job sustenance was introduced to the programme in April 2012 to motivate and improve productivity of the beneficiaries engaged in the Ipelegeng Programme.

The initiative came about after the realization that Ipelegeng beneficiaries occasionally work in projects at areas where there are no shops/kiosks or difficult to get food whilst at work, hence go for extended hours without food and that affects their productivity at work.

The sustenance provided, albeit small, is adequate enough to sustain the beneficiaries for the six (6) hour duration whilst at work.

Sustenance cost

P8.00 per beneficiary