The cream del creams of paje emerged victorious in a thrilling beauty Contest held in Tshimoyapula on the 14th of June. Queen-Sethunya Molapisi, 1st Princess- Wame Mooketsi and 2nd Princess , Legae Thabare respectively were avowed the winners of Miss June 16 -2019 thrashing 9 Contestants of Tshimoyapula , Majwanaadipitse and Mabeleapudi. The trios of Paje were crowed as Serowe Administrative Authority Miss June 16- 2019.

Contestants from Paje, Tshimoyapula and Mabeleapudi came to participate striving for the Miss June 16 crown. The people from the four villages came in support of the little ones who were taking part mostly kids were present as they came to support their age mates.